Assif Tsahar was born in Israel on june 11 1969 and grew up in Tel-Aviv. He started playing Guitar at age 14 and at 17 switched to Saxophone. 12 years later he picked up the Bass Clarinet and added it to his musical studies. In 1990 at age 21, in pursuit of music, he came to New York and made it his home. Here in New York Assif has had the chance to play and record with a lot of the musicians who were the reason for him making New York his home. Also as part of his involvement in the improvise music scene He has founded and co-produced with Patricia Parker the Vision Festival. In the past few years he has produced independently over 50 shows of some of the best improvisors in New York of which three records where produced. In 1999 Assif Started Hopscotch records a non for profit record label where the artist produce themselves and are in complete control of the all artistic decisions.

Press Quotes

"One of the great new talents in New York" (Time Out New York)

"This recording (the Hollow World) extends Tsahar's responsibility for some of the most exciting improvised music currently being created" (Signal to Noise)

"The Aylerian tenor can speak in tongues as articulately as anyone can these days- it's a thrill when abstraction is truly compelling " (Village Voice)

"Few young jazz players generate the kind of buzz among New York cognoscenti that tenor saxophonist Assif Tsahar, have over the past couple of years. ...through shifts in register and tonal quality, Tsahar has a knack for creating the illusion that he is playing more than one instrument- This is some of the least dense and frenetic free jazz to come out of New York, and some of the most emotionally affecting. " (Jazziz)

"(Assif Tsahar) ... spring forth with a potent, fully formed style that marks him as an important new voice on his instrument. It's is always a revelation to find avant-gaurdists worth hearing even in their quiet moments. " (Music hound Jazz - the essential music guide)

"...Saxophonist Assif Tsahar is one of the most dynamic young players in jazz ... ...this is a galvanizing listen from start to finish"

(CMJ magazine)


A Trio with Hamid Drake, Peter Kowald

At different times different musicians have performed with Assif in a trio/Quartet Format - William Parker & Susie Ibarra (1995-2000) also Rashied Ali, Warren Smith, Wilbur Morris, Le Quan Ninh, John Tcikai, Fred Anderson, Rob Brown, Roy Campbell, Gerald Cleaver, Agusti Fernandez, Ken Vandermark and Kent Kessler..

Assif Tsahar's Brass Reeds - with Joe Daley - Tuba, Vincent Chancy - French Horn, Herb Robertson & Cuong Vu - Trumpets, Rob Brown - Alto Sax, Chris Jonas - Soprano Sax, and Susie Ibarra - Percussion.

Assif Tsahar's Zoanthropic Orchestra with - Aaron Stewart, Ori Kaplan, Oscar Noriega, Alex Harding, Chris Jonas - Reeds Steve Swell, Reut Regev, Curtis Haselbring - trombones Antoine Brye, Taylor Baynum, Matt Lavell - Trumpets; Craig Taborn- Piano; Tom Abbs - Bass & Tuba, Andrew Barker - Drums.

Also played in Cecil Taylor's Orchestra, Butch Morris' Conduction, William Parker's Little Huey Orchestra and, as an added member, In Order to Survive, as well as in a trio with Jim Black and Mat Maneri and duet with Susie Ibarra.


Assif Tsahar Trio with William Parker & Susie Ibarra

"Shekhina" (Eremite), "Ein Sof" (Silkheart)

Assif Tsahar's Brass Reeds Ensemble

"The Hollow World" (Hopscotch)

The Trio - Rashid Ali, Peter Kowald, Assif Tsahar

"Deals Ideas & Ideals

Assif Tsahar & Susie Ibarra Duo

"Home Cookin' " (Hopscotch)

Rob Brown Quartet"Scratching the surface" (CIMP)

William parker's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra

"Flowers Grow In My Room"(Centering Music), "Sunrise in the Tone World" (Aum Fidelity)

William Parker's In Order to Survive "Posium Pendasm" (FMP) - "The Peach Orchard" (Aum - Guest)